Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dog Brick

Katrin gave me the Nina Ottosson game Dog Brick last night. This is the next step up from the game I have, Magic. Hooray and thank you, Katrin!
We played last night when we got home. Ike went first and he took quite some time sorting it out. I don't think he ever really figured it out per se - it was solely the terrier perseverance that got him through.

Then it was Bug's turn. You will recall that Ike rocked the Magic game and it took Bug multiple attempts to finally sort it out. Last night was a different story. Bug figured out the Dog Brick game SO much faster than Ike. He actually understood - almost immediately - that he needed to slide the bricks back and forth. He reminded me a bit of an elephant using his trunk the way he was using his nose to push the bricks.

It was fabulous to see, literally, how differently the two boys' brains work. What is easy for one is not easy for the other necessarily. They are so individual. It was also interesting to see how differently they deal with frustration. Bug backs away, lays down and if that doesn't work starts to bark. Ike wags very hard, bounces about and just keeps trying as hard as he can.

Once we have fully mastered Dog Brick we'll have to move on to a even more challenging game. I highly recommend these games if your dog likes to work. They are a lot of fun.


Mango said...

We have that game too and I pull it out for some entertainment now and then. Mango is actually better at it (although he has trouble getting the treats out what with his big old face). Dexter just gets frantic and tries to bite it, but we're working on it. I'm not really sure either has figured out cause and effect for the doors opening.

Mango Momma

Sara said...

Oreo mastered the brick very quickly. Then, we moved onto the highly entertaining tornado!

Both games are still one of his favorite things to do,even though he has mastered both.

Kathy said...

It is so cool to get to see more then one dog work something like that out so like you say yousee how much differently they solve problems, that is so neat!

teri said...

Very Cool!