Wednesday, February 9, 2011

False Turns

Last night Ike and I had agility class. Hooray! He was a very happy and engaged schnauzer. Below is the second course we ran.

I don't know if you can see the numbers clearly or not. In order to be successful I needed to use a false turn in two places, between 12-13 and between 19-20. I really struggled with this. It required that I be more thoughtful about my movement. I did finally manage to get it, but it didn't/doesn't come very naturally and I am going to have to look for opportunities to practice it.

The second course of the night was a bit more complicated than the first course. Typically I would really struggle to remember the course. Last night I did not. I am fairly certain that the improvement in my course handling is due to the mindfulness class and practice I have kept up. How's that for an unexpected benefit?!

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Kathy said...

wow, I need the minfulness class for sure, that is great. It looks like a really great course and glad it sounds like it was a good time!!!