Friday, February 4, 2011

Yay! for Stretching and CVH Appt.

I forgot to update after the herding seminar….Bug was not stiff or sore at all. AT ALL!! He saw his chiro on Sunday and she was very impressed by the LACK of tightness in his iliopsoas and hips and lack of sensitivity in his bicipital tendons. Patience DOES pay off. Hooray, hooray, hooray! I will continue our regimen of arnica, warming up, and stretching whenever we work. I will continue our maintenance physical therapy and, of course, I will continue the chiropractic care. I am amazed – it is what I was hoping/praying for, but I wasn’t sure it was what would happen.

Wednesday I had an appointment with Dr F, the CVH, for Bug. For the past month Bug has had diarrhea from various antibiotics the vet was trying to treat what she considers an elevated C6 level (86 down from 138 12/09). Five days into the doxy Bug started with diarrhea. The first time he was on 30 days of doxy with nary a protest from his tummy. Not this time. We stopped the doxy and the vet did some research about what she would like to try next.

The vet recommended azithromycin because it is taken for a shorter duration and is only given once a day. One hour and fifteen minutes after the first dose of azithromycin Bug had terrible diarrhea, followed by vomiting multiple times, followed by projectile diarrhea. UGH! I am lucky only the first bout of diarrhea occurred in the house! Needless to say I did not give it to him again. He has been on a largely rice and probiotic diet trying to repair his GI for the past month.

I finally finished preparing Bug’s profile, history and medical timeline for Dr. F and was able to make an appointment. My primary concern is not the Lyme whose level has actually continued to drop, albeit slowly, but the skittish behavior Bug began displaying the last week of November. Bug’s initial appointment with Dr. F lasted 2 hours and in the end he asked me to dose him with nux vomica, re-introduce his normal foods (which I had started to do), and continue with the probiotics. I am to update Dr. F today with how Bug is doing. I had already started adding lamb to Bug’s rice slowly. He is now up to his normal ration plus rice. His bm are much more normal! He is still acting skittish, but less so than he was. We will see what Dr. F says.

I know homeopathy is not for everyone, but I have had much better and more concrete results with it than traditional medicine. I am lucky to have such a great CVH nearby.


Kathy said...

Wow, poor Bug and poor you....glad he has someone so knowledgable and willing to tailor the treatment to the dog ;-). So glad that it seems you have come up with a great routinue for Bug to keep him feeling good after exercise!

Sara said...

I hope Bug continues to improve. Poor thing. Antibiotics are brutal on the body.

teri said...

Poor Bug! Doxy is rough! Too bad they havent come up with a better treatment for Lyme!

Blue said...

I am SO glad to hear that Bug was not stiff after herding! Woo-hoo!

I hope that homeopathy will help Bug feel better. I had a coworker who was taking doxy for lyme and it made him feel miserable. Keep us updated on the Bug.