Friday, March 18, 2011

Adjustments Needed

Ike had agility class Tuesday. I wasn’t sure how he would be. When we saw Cheryl last Tuesday his pelvis was out due to the slip on the ice. After losing his pelvis he definitely needs additional adjustments and to top it off something was out before his pelvis.

I should have skipped class this week. He was jumping large and slow in the weaves. If there is one thing Ike is speedy about it is his weaves. So we took it easy and did no weaves and jumped 8 inches. He was engaged and wanted to play, just something was off.

He is a really honest dog when it comes to pain – he won’t jump or do contacts if his pelvis is out. So this seems like more of a nagging discomfort? I am pretty sure his sacrum is out in a sit because he is sitting funny. We are seeing Cheryl Saturday. We will see how he is at class on Tuesday. Hopefully better!!

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