Saturday, March 19, 2011


I skipped Rally today in order to make sure the boys saw the chiro. Both boys' pelvises were out of alignment; Buggie's by quite a bit. We think, with Bug, it is related to the GI distress he has been experiencing.

I also had Cheryl muscle test Bug to see if he is tolerating the variety of meats I feed him. Since I started feeding Oma's exclusively his eyes have been weeping a lot. Katrin commented when she saw him that his nose and ears were very pink (often a sign of food intolerance). It could just coincide with the seasons changing but I wanted to see what Cheryl found.

As I suspected - he is not tolerating lamb. Drat!! Given the price of lamb has gone up quite a bit maybe I should be happy? He is fine with duck, rabbit, venison, ostrich, squash and string cheese (just double checking those last two). He also tolerates bison fine. Hopefully if I stop feeding him lamb for a few months he will be able to eat it again. Cheryl also mentioned that her dog, who has many food intolerances, is able to eat Bravo! lamb even though she can't eat Oma's lamb. So, I might give that a whirl.


Katrin said...

Poor Bug! His list of ok foods is becoming as short as Niche's!

Sara said...

Food allergies are so difficult to pin down. Seems like you are on the right track.

Hope Bug is feeling better with the diet change.

Kathy said...
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Kathy said...

I think it is remarkable you are in tune enough that you coudl figure out it could be the Omas lamb, hope that will take care of the problem. I do wonder if there are lots more dogs with allergies or we just notice the signs/symptoms more, and what about all those dogs that people chuck old roy out the back door and that is what they eat? Sure makes you wonder how bad some of them must feel ;-(

Jules said...

Kathy, I can only imagine. Bug's allergy symptoms are pretty mild compared to some dogs. Weepy eyes, yeasty ears (only with beef), and paw licking. I know two dogs with severe allergies (Katrin's Niche is one) and heart breaks for them!

I think a LOT more dogs are dealing with food intolernaces than people realize. Bug's symptoms are mild enough that I could see someone, esp. someone that feeds Old Roy, ignoring them!