Friday, March 18, 2011

Too in Tune?

Lately when one of my dogs is out of alignment, I hurt where they hurt and when we go to get adjusted, we are both out of whack in the exact same location!

I see a woman every two weeks that does energy work. I saw her this week and mentioned what has been going on. She said when she was newer in her profession she would end up with all of her clients’ aches and pains. She said what she thinks is happening is I am alerted to their pain but because I do not consciously acknowledge that it is theirs (not mine), my body is taking it on as my own. She suggested next time I feel something I think might be my dog’s I literally acknowledge the pain and that it belongs to my dogs, not me, and I mentally acknowledge that I will take care of it.

Last night Bug was crated while Katrin and I had dinner. When I got home and let him out I was very sore in my lower back/hip area. I had done nothing to warrant this aching so I figure it must have been Bug’s. I acknowledged it and plan on having him see the chiro Saturday too. Wouldn’t you know it, I acknowledged it as his pain and within 5 minutes it was gone!

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Holly said...

So very interesting. It is amazing what transpires when we are so close to our furry family. I am glad that you are able to separate their pain from yours.