Monday, May 30, 2011

Distracted Corgi

Saturday Bug and I had a rally lesson. It was gorgeous so we were outside in Katrin's yard. What we are currently working on is fairly static - Bug finding heel and being rewarded with the Manners Minder.

On Saturday Bug showed me it does not compete with bugs to chase and smells!! So, we worked a bit on recalls with the MM, which worked out well and then he checked in and out as we worked fronts.

The lesson was an awesome reminder that I must work my dog in more than one place - regardless of the level of work we are doing. So I will be using a long line to work my boy outside in the yard.

I was happy that Katrin said she could see progress. I definitely feel as though there has been progress, but it is at such a snail's pace I wonder if I am imaging it!


Katrin said...

Like I said I would start mixing up the static work with the "finding heel" as you walk to get him more engaged with something that is less static. Will probably help your cause when you train outside.

Kathy said...

Good job! Sounds like things are going really well.