Sunday, May 8, 2011


Yesterday I took Ike to Act-Up's first run-thru of the season. We both had a great time! I took Amanda's suggestion and tried some canned food in my food container. Ike thought the Evanger's Pheasant was awesome! My only qualm about it is it makes the food container much heavier. Given I have accidentally hit Ike in the head with the food container before when tossing it (I have awesome aim, not), I need to be very careful if I keep using canned food!

We had three runs and they were all very nice. The first two runs I was silly and did a landing side cross after a 180 - it was awkward. Ike forgave me though. Run 3 I finally chose to do a rear cross into a tunnel two obstacles later. It worked much more smoothly. I am not sure why it took me so long to figure that out! I have video from the first run and then the battery in my Flip died.

Run-thrus more closely mirrored a trial in the sense that Ike was out for a bit, ran for 60 seconds and then I crated him in the car. He was definitely more barky than class or the Act-Up outdoor trial, but I am pretty sure this is because Monty is staying with us. Ike likes Monty but his schedule and life is a bit out of whack with the additional corgi. And Ike does not like the way Bug and Monty play!

I also ran a nice Aussie named Snicker. Her owner and I had spoken at the last club meeting about me possibly running her in some trials. I was going to try and get down during the weekdays to practice with her and develop a relationship. With all that is going on in with the house that hasn't happened. J let me run her all three runs while she ran her younger dog. Snicker is a very nice dog with excellent skills. She stresses at trials and will typically only run as fast as her handle is running. J thought she might pick up speed if she is running with someone faster. We had an excellent time together. She is a very responsive dog.

It was really fun to run a bigger dog. It is so different from running my guys! I am going to try and get together with J and Snicker again and we'll definitely hook up at the run-thrus. Depending on whether I have a chance to continue to work with her J might have me run her in some classes at the August ASCA trial.

I will post the video of Ike's first run later, after I get replacement batteries. I also have some cute video of the corgis playing which I'll share too!


Sara said...

What a fun day for you and Ike! Looking forward to the video.

Diana said...

What a wonderful day!!!

Cat, Tessie, & Strata said...

If you're going to keep using canned food, get the squeeze tubes from Clean Run. They're relatively inexpensive and not as hard if you accidentally hit your dog with one. (And I'm absolutely not speaking from experience here... ;))

Jules said...

I actually have food tubes, but Ike doesn't like them. Go figure.

Kathy said...

Sounds like a great day and bonking the dog on the head with the reward sounds so familiar, LOL. It is always best if lot of people see it happen, LOL.

Glad you had fun!!!!