Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Small Dog, Please, Mum

Last night Ike and I had agility class and it went pretty well. A classmate of ours got an awesome picture of Ike r-u-n-n-i-n-g on the dog walk. I have asked her to send it to me and if it looks as good as it did on her camera I will post it.

Ike was a good boy last night and I managed to sneak in another rear cross. I am starting to get the hang of it. The only bad thing is I kept going and did not stop to reward! BAD JULIE! Fortunately it was the 3rd to last jump. None-the-less, rear crosses are HARD for Ike (and by extension me). I must STOP and REWARD!!! Gah!

I have been thinking about a third dog for a while now. I am hoping to be ready in about a year. The boys have already made it clear they would prefer a female. As much as I love my boys and would personally really prefer another boy I think a female would be the best fit in our house at this time.

I am undecided about breed. Ike has an obsession with poodles and poodle-mixes. John loves his Schnauzers. I love herding. I am sure we will figure it out. I have a feeling the right dog will appear at the right time. That is not to say I am not thinking and researching options.

The same classmate who took Ike’s picture last night is heavily involved in rescue and specifically deaf dogs.

She brought her newest rescue to socialize: a nine week old deaf “mini” Aussie named Paisley. Paisley is only 5# at the moment, so she might actually be a “toy” Aussie which would be a disturbing thing to consider. Regardless, this poor pup was going to be euthanized because she is deaf. Thank goodness for kind hearted people.

The surprise was that Ike, no big fan of puppies, liked her! Ike obviously prefers a smaller dog. I doubt I will be adding anything larger than a Cardi, but you never know. I think as long as I get a puppy Ike will adjust. Then I will just have to make sure Bug doesn’t try to boss the puppy TOO much!


Cat, Tessie, & Strata said...

I got bit by the Sheltie bug when Tessie started playfully nose-poking a Sheltie pup at an agility trial. It was just a few months later that I met Ben and Deuce and was on my way to getting one of my own! So maybe an Aussie, be it mini or full-size, is in your future? (Hey, what about a Pyrenean Shepherd?)

Jules said...

I had no idea that's how it started! It is so important the entire house be happy - period of adjustment understandable. I have considered an Aussie. There are many I like. I haven't met any local Pyr Sheps to make an informed decision. It's funny you suggest them, though, because before I fell in love with Cardis they were one of the herding breeds I was researching!

Blue said...

I met a couple of Jan's Aussie pups from a recent litter at the last herding clinic. I'm in love with her dogs. One was a tiny female, but a lovely little dog. I guess Diane is on the waiting list for a pup from Jan's next litter. I'm just daydreaming :-)

Jules said...

I met Kathy's blue bitch from Jan in February. She was a doll! Do you think you would go to Jan in the future?

Blue said...

I would really seriously consider a pup from Jan in the future. I saw at least 3 of Jan's pups from 2 different litters, and I was impressed with all of them. Actually, I'd love to kidnap Kathy's pup Tru and bring her home with me! Jan's next litter will be related to Tru and Dare.

I know I'm not interested in a show-lines Aussie. Too big, too much coat, too much bone... Plus, I really want a dog than can do herding. When it became sort of obvious that Iris needed to retire, Diane offered to help me find a working lines pup if I was ever looking for one. Someday! :)

Jules said...

That's excellent!!

manymuddypaws said...

Julie if you do decide to consider a Pyr Shep email me, I had done quite a lot of research back when I thought I might get another someday. :)

Jules said...

Thanks, Amanda. That would be awesome!