Friday, June 10, 2011


Boo. Last night Bug had PT. We are on a once every 3 weeks check-in schedule. My plan was to ask if we could go longer between appointments or perhaps stop until the winter when I know Bug will need maintenance due to the ice and snow.

Last night Bug's hamstrings were extremely tight. There was a lot of vesticulation as soon as Nina attempted to handle his rear legs.

Sigh. Big Sigh.

Bug has not done anything stupid lately. He hasn't done anything strenuous. He played with Hush - that's about it. Basically there is no reason for him to be sore.

Nina had me watch Bug hop on and off the dog bed (a wooden platform maybe 6" high) and I could see he wasn't using his rear correctly.

I am not sure what is going on. Nina urged me to make an acupuncture appointment; she thought that would be more helpful than chiropractic. I am going to make an appointment for him to see the chiro, too. While he seems to be doing stairs ok I have noticed he is not keen to jump up on the couch. That is often the sacrum, although I am not seeing other sacrum signs. I wouldn't be surprised if there was nothing going on either. It's just odd. And annoying.


Katrin said...

:-( big time :-(

Sara said...

Bummer. Hope the acupuncture helps.

Diana said...

Ugh, so many problems with our dogs. I hope Bug feels better soon.

Kathy said...

Hummmmmmm...these dogs, they always got to make sure their moms are not too carefree, LOL, always got to be causing a little worry. Hope it is nothing and maybe an accupuncture gets it all back in the right direction again. ;-)