Friday, June 17, 2011

Tuesday Night Class

Ike and I had a SUPER class Tuesday. Only one of my classmates showed so we had a semi-private.

Ike runs in a very upright manner, but Tuesday night he was REALLY digging in. He had some awesome weave entries at top speed and a few lovely rear crosses.

Below are the course maps. The little red "X" is where I snuck in a rear cross on a few of the runs. In this course, when I did do the rear cross, I did not do the table. This worked out really well because Ike has a very strong draw to the table, so he was moving out very nicely when I did the rear cross.

The second course had a pretty tough weave entry. I handled it two different ways and Ike nailed it every time. He loves his weaves!

 I am continuing to work on my rear cross exercises at home and what a HUGE difference I am seeing. I can't say it is one thing.....I have been doing a combination of Katrin's methods, Amanda Shyne's methods, and Kathleen's methods. All of these combined are definitely giving Ike the complete picture!

There are run-thrus tomorrow morning. Depending on the weather I might stop by for one or two runs.


Nat said...

Don't you love it when you get those surprise semi-privates! Once we even got a private when it should have been a group of more than 5 teams.

Awesome to hear how he was digging in!! Go Ike! That course looks like a lot of fun.

Have fun at that run-thru tomorrow and let us know how it goes.

Nancy and Stewie JRT said...

Awesome! Glad to hear Ike is happy and you are going for the rear crosses!!