Sunday, July 3, 2011

MA Residents Take Note

Massachusetts residents, please take note. The MA Legislative committee is considering a bill on July 19th that will significantly effect training classes, dog shows, and any dog event with more than 12 dogs in attendance. Please contact the Committee and voice your opinion!

Massachusetts legislative committee will consider a bill on July 19 to significantly change the definition of kennel to encompass training facilities or any dog event with more than 12 dogs. All those meeting the new criteria would be required to comply with all state and local licensing and other regulations currently reserved just for large kennels.

Responsible dog owners and trainers are encouraged to attend the July 19 hearing and to contact the Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure to express concerns with this legislation.


Sara said...

I read about that. Doesn't make sense.

Diana said...

That doesnt sound good.

Kathy said...

seriously that would encompass training classes and not just say people who board and train? Sort of scary in attempt to protect against some extremes they could go the other way and really legislate out things that are out there improving dogs lives, what ever happened to a happy middle-things to weed out bad boarding places and puppy mills and encourage things like training classes

Jules said...

It doesn't make sense at all. A training facility - which helps train people to be responsible dog owners - would have a more difficult time operating? Talk about foolish!