Sunday, July 3, 2011

Special Visitor

We are very lucky to have a special visitor staying with us.


Today I met Holly in Chicopee and picked up Ms. Hush. Hush is going to stay with me for 4 - 5 weeks while Holly's bitch Snickers whelps her first litter.

Hush is 10 months old and I am very excited to spend time with her. Even though she is not a wee little pup I have so many thoughts about things I would like to do with a puppy, this is the perfect opportunity to try some of them out. I think we are going to have lots of adventures while she is with me!

Today we visited the Wrentham Dog Show and took our first walk on our street (which is pretty busy). In store for Ms. Hush are visiting with Katrin's "big" dogs Niche and Tom, attending some of my husband's softball games, socializing at the Wrentham outlets and much more (or as much as I can fit in!).

I will bring her to Bug's PT appointment on Tuesday and Ike's agility class on Tuesday. This will give her an opportunity to start seeing lots of different sorts of dogs. I also plan on spending lots of one on one time with her. Hopefully the boys won't be too mad at me! :)

We had an excellent introduction today (they met once before about a month ago). I had John put Ike and Bug out on the deck with an x-pen blocking the stairs. Hush and I sat on the stairs while Bug and Ike sniffed. Once everyone was calm I let Hush onto the deck. It was very successful!

Bug and John are quite smitten with her and Ike is not quite sure what he thinks.


Holly said...

Thank you Julie! I am sure Hush will have a blast while she is "on vacation"! Tell Ike she is not permanent please.

penni said...

Ike cannot believe that you would bring another one of the dogs with no legs into his house. Cardis won't be taken for granted (as Ike knows) so he's probably feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Katrin said...

YAY! glad the intro went well! :-)

Jules said...

Yes, Ike would like a poodle!! But he seems to mind Hush less than Monty. He does think Bug is acting like a goober! :)