Friday, August 5, 2011


About 7 months ago I started to feel when my dogs need an adjustment. I will literally feel as though my pelvis is out, or whatever is wrong with them. Now I occasionally feel when a human I am close to needs an adjustment or has local pain. I also feel my dogs’ GI distress (this is more recent – as in the past few days)!

It is very confusing and I have had a difficult time differentiating my pain and the dogs. It is only by going to the chiro and realizing absolutely NOTHING is wrong with me, but Bug’s/Ike’s/Hush’s pelvis is out that I have I made the connection.

More recently I have started to physically feel heat in areas that are sore or need an adjustment when I am massaging the dogs or doing TTouch.

In hindsight it seems this all began shortly after I finished the mindfulness class. I suppose it is possible that the focused meditation opened me up to a different energy level.

Regardless of how it came about, it continues to happen and to happen with dogs I do not know as well as my own two. I have decided I should consider doing something with “it.”

The three things that immediately popped into my mind are reiki, TTouch, and massage. I spoke to Bug’s acupuncturist, his chiro, an animal communicator who does a lot of reiki, and of course my friends. I decided against reiki, which leaves TTouch and massage. The cost to become a practioner of TTouch is roughly the same as the cost to become a certified small animal massage therapist (perhaps less since there is a great school in my state).

I am intrigued by the behavioral applications of TTouch and it is something I really want to pursue at some point. However, I think there is more hope of being able to parlay small animal massage into some sort of career. Due to the new home it is likely not something I can pursue immediately. However, I think it is something I would like to find a way to pursue.

I know it is really weird. I have had mixed responses from the few people I have told. Some, who are very open, think it is very cool. Others just say “really?” and move on because they are not comfortable. I am still adjusting to it and trying to sort out how to recognize my pain versus my dogs’ pain, my agility instructor’s pain, or my mum’s pain (just an example of who’s pain I have been feeling).


Red Dog Mom said...

I don't have any experience w/the type of empathy you feel but I can tell you that's I've felt heat on my dogs in areas that are compromised. It's been especially obvious with Sam. What was really amazing to me was the first time he had acupuncture done. Before that appointment, I could feel heat coming off him in waves. At the end of the appointment, his entire body was cool to the touch and he was obviously a lot more comfortable.
If you have been gifted with this sort of awareness, I say utilize it. Everything happens for a reason!

Builder Mama said...

I agree with sister-in-law has a certain gift with it, and ended up getting her certification in animal massage. She's moved since she got it and I'm not sure her new state recognizes it, but it's something she really enjoys and uses with animal rescue places she volunteers with.

Taryn said...

A very interesting post! I do believe certain people can "feel things", so use your "power" to do good :-) I am sure it will be very rewarding.

penni said...

You do not want to be an old person saying, "I should have . . ." Use this empathy, attach a skill to it. You'll never be sorry.

Blue said...

That's very cool! Although it must have been very strange/confusing at first!

I hope you do find a way to peruse something with this. Besides, life is too short not to be doing something you love.

Jules said...

Thanks for all the support! I kind of feel like I am coming out of the closet because it is hard for some people to wrap their heads around. Less so for dog people I think because we have all experienced that magical connection with our pups.

Now I just need to work on making it happen!

You are right when you say I do not want to be an old lady wishing I had gone for it.

Kathy said...

wow, seems like you should do something with it especially to hone it so you can tell where it is coming from-their pain or yours and seems like a gift that needs to be used.
Very interesting how it all came about, the mindfullness class really must have been a powerful vehicle for you and come about at the right time, or maybe it would have happened and what ever forces were working lead you to the class which helped bring it out.

101mutts said...

That's really cool!

Can you differentiate between your own pain and other's pain, now? Is the pain you feel from other's intense if they are feeling intense pain? I would imagine it would be hard to be around someone who was in an intense amount of pain if you were feeling it.

And congratulations for coming out of the closet about this new ability. :P