Sunday, August 28, 2011


Today we dealt with Hurricane Irene. My first hurricane in my new house. My house that is in a pine grove. Pines have shallow roots. Gulp.

We are in the armpit of Massachusetts and our area was targeted for high impact winds. Let me tell you, it was scary as all get out. I do not know how people do it. Watching our pines sway and sway really stressed me out. It doesn't help that the limbs breaking and falling kind of sounds like gun shots.

We lost one really large limb, some moderately sized limbs, and of course a gazillion small limbs. We have a decent sized clean up job ahead of us. However, the gods were with us and nothing landed on the house, cars, barn or fence. Phew!

I did discover my corgi that can sleep through thunder storms of any size is not a fan of high winds. Bug was a wreck all day. He followed me around panting until I finally sat down. When I sat he was pressed as closely against me as possible. He alternated between head in my lap and hiding behind my legs. John thinks some of his stress might have been because I was really stressed watching the trees sway and sway. It is possible - Bug and I are very tightly bonded. John jokes that Bug thinks he is the husband in the house!

Hush and Ike could have cared less about the high winds or the momma stressing.

Things quieted down around 3 pm and it has been misty raining since. Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful. I sincerely hope others fared as well as we did. I think the last hurricane that really impacted MA was about 5 years ago - I am hopeful we go at least 5 years before we have to deal with another one of these. It is a little too nerve-wracking for my taste. :)


Diana said...

Im glad everything was ok. Here when there are hurricanes, the pine tress just snap off about half way down. They arent strong trees. Im glad your family and house are ok.

Lani said...

Glad you all made it safely!

Taryn said...

Glad you escaped any real damages, well other than to your nerves, that is! These was nothing where I am except rain and breezes as I guess we are far enough west and inland that it didn't bother us.

Holly said...

I am so glad that the only damage was some downed limbs. (((hugs)))

Kathy said...

Yikes, it sounds like a scary day, but so glad you guys are ok.

penni said...

I'm happy you got through the hurricane with nothing more than a few downed limbs and some frayed nerves.