Friday, September 23, 2011

Lucky Bug - Blueberry Kale Slurry

This is Bug in his Soft-E-Collar. Unfortunately the topical anesthetic wore off and he decided he must go after his tail again.

I just spoke to Dr. F and he recommended I make a Blueberry and Steamed Kale slurry for Bug. He said he finds the combo very healing for skin related issues because both items are so high in vitamins and antioxidants. It is a 1 to 1 ration with some water added in if it is too dry. He said to give 1/4 c  with every meal.

Looks like I am off to Whole Foods since CVS does not carry aloe without alcohol and I am afraid I am going to decimate my aloe plant before Bug is healed up.

Edit: Kathy asked for more specifics about the Blueberry Kale Slurry. I re-read the post and realized I wrote it as though you'all could read my mind or were listening in on the conversation with Dr. F. Here are more specific instructions for the slurry:

Steam one bunch of kale, today that ended up being 2 packed cups worth after steaming.

Reserved the water used to steamed the kale.

Since it is a 1 to 1 ration use 2 cups of blueberries.

Add 2 cups of steamed kale and 2 cups of fresh blueberries (but frozen would be fine too) to blender.

To make it more of a gruel and not quite as thick, add some of the reserved water. Today I used roughly 2/3s of a cup of the reserved water.

 Voila! Feed 1/4 c of the mix with each meal.


Kathy said...

Ok now I will sound stupid but do you take 1/4 cup of just plain blueberries and some just plain steamed kale and then add that to the food? One of my guys is getting some worrisome look to his skin and he is prone to such things so I have been doing nice baths with some tea tree shampoo that has worked in the past for him but seems adding blueberry and kale would not hurt and could help ;-).
Where did you get the lovely collar, it looks lovely on Bug, very stylish!

Jules said...

Not stupid at all. I just re-read it and I really wasn't very clear! :)

I steamed one bunch of kale ($1.99 for a bunch of organic kale - seems pretty cheap to me!), which ended up being 2 packed cups worth after steaming. I reserved the water I steamed the kale with. I added the 2 cups of steamed kale and 2 cups of fresh blueberries (but frozen would be fine too, according to Dr. F) to my blender. It was very thick so I added roughly 2/3s of a cup of the reserved water to it and voila! Now I will feed 1/4 c of the mix each meal.

I hope it helps both of our pups.

The collar is a BonaFido Soft-E-Collar. I tried their website but it seems like it might be defunct now. Bug is definitely happier with it on then he would be with a regular e-collar. I bought it for Ike when he had to have a growth removed about 4 years ago. It did not work for Ike - he is too limber!

Kathy said...

THANKS so much for the directions-that was so nice of you and my shelties say THANKS!!! I looked last night for kale but I guess I will have to go to the other store that has a better selection of veggies-so I am off to do that this morning but I got some yummy looking blueberries, the dogs might have to share with me, LOL