Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I spoke to Bug's vet this evening. His Bile Acid Test came back normal. This means his liver is functioning properly. Hooray!! I know the liver is an amazing organ and if he did have liver disease of some sort we could have managed it with diet and supplements. However, I am so relieved his liver is functioning correctly! I have been really stressed the past two weeks while we did various diagnostics.

 We talked about next steps. She would like me to start him on some hepatic support (milk thistle) to help lower the elevated enzymes. I asked about running a Thyroid panel. While his symptoms do not scream out Thyroid, it has been on my mind since this the weight loss and elevated enzymes came up. Multiple people have told me stories of somewhat inexplicable symptoms, not the classic thyroid symptoms, that were ultimately diagnosed as a thyroid issue of some sort. Dr. M said if I have an intuitive feeling about the thyroid she wants to run that panel. If that doesn't show anything she would like to run some fasted blood work to test his pancreatic function.

How many vets do you know that say, if you have an intuitive feeling let's run that test? I asked her if using Hemopet would be cheaper and she said yes. They typically use the University of Michigan, but you are getting the same data and it is cheaper through Dr. Dodds.

If neither the thyroid or pancreas show anything I will do what Dr. F would want me to do have done from the beginning ... treat purely homeopathically according to what his symptoms are, not what we think is going on, etc.



Diana said...

Great news!!

Sara said...

That's great! Waiting for the news is the worst. Glad you had some good news.

Taryn said...

Glad to hear you got good news! My vet would roll his eyes if I tried to use the word "intuition"! He would also be annoyed with me making any suggestions as to what was going on....Sounds like you have a good vet!

Jules said...

Taryn, I am very fortunate to have found my vet. I went through a couple that rolled their eyes at me and it made my blood boil! :)

Nancy and Stewie JRT said...

Hey Jules!

Glad you got good news! Hope the rest of it gets figured out soon