Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tuesday Night Class

Last night Ike and I had agility class. It went really well until he crashed into the table. We were outside and the grass was dewy.

Prior to the crash we ran the course two and half times. The course was designed to practice rear crosses and.... we nailed them.  We nailed them even when I chose a poor spot to cross. Go Ike!

To be honest with you, rear crosses were something I never thought Ike and I would master as a team. To me it is nothing short of amazing that we have. I still hold my breath a bit, but most of the time we now manage them smoothly.

I did something funny to my ankle. I didn't twist it, but it isn't moving freely and hurts a bit when walking. I will have to start doing some stretching. No way do I want an injury, especially now that I have a puppy!

Thankfully Bug and the puppy are going to see the chiropractor on Friday. Now I will bring Ike too. I don't think he lost his pelvis, but after the crash he was moving slower.

I also took the opportunity signed Irie up for Performance Puppy - it starts next Thursday! K recommended I sign up in advance (I got the last spot!), because there is a lot of reading material in the class. Upon signing up you get a disc with all the materials. This way I can get a head start! I can't wait....

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Kathy said...

The puppy class sounds great, hope you guys were ok after the ankle and table incident ;-(, but sounds like all in all a good class ;-)