Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tuesday Nite Class

Ike and I had agility class Tuesday night.

With the puppy here I think it is more important than ever that the dogs each have individual time. Ike is in agility class, but Bug has been taking a break until his system sorts itself out. After the bacterial dermatitis he developed conjunctivitis! This is a good sign if you buy into homeopathy, we are working backwards through symptoms. A few months after he came to stay with me (in 2008) he developed conjunctivitis. It was the first time I treated an acute symptom homeopathically by myself. It was very exciting for me because it was so successful! Anyway, I have to figure out what I want to do with Bug – start training Rally at home and go back to our privates or try Nosework with him. I can’t do both and I haven’t been that excited about Rally. However, the puppy has me more excited about training than I have been lately so that might carry over into Rally.

Anyway, back to Ike’s agility class. It was indoors, thankfully, since it has been pretty cold out. He was running slower than normal but moving okay and then he crashed a jump. He essentially landed right on his hip flexors. We have no idea why. He then proceeded to slip twice more. I checked his pads and his paw hair is not overgrown. His nails could stand to be trimmed, but they are not overly long. He wasn’t acting like he lost his pelvis Tuesday night. However, yesterday on our walk he did something, which I now cannot remember, which made me think, “oh, maybe his pelvis IS out.” So he will be seeing the chiro on Friday before she goes away for two weeks.

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Blue said...

I would love to try nosework someday with Iris. It reminds me a little bit of herding. The dogs already know how to use their noses, it's the handlers that need to figure out where to be!

I hope the chiro can get Ike feeling better.