Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Whirlwind Pup-date

The past week has been a whirlwind.

Thursday Irie had her first vet appointment. She was introduced to both vets and all the vet techs. She was a hit, needless to say.

That night she slept from 9pm to 4 am. Hooray, Irie!! She has continued to sleep through the night and now loves her crate.

Friday she met Cheryl and had her first chiropractic adjustment. Her pelvis was in place in both a stand and a sit. It is pretty amazing when puppies are in alignment when you consider how smooshed they were in the womb, not to mention the actual birthing process. Her head was out, so Cheryl adjusted that. Then she met everyone at Sterling.

Saturday morning we went to a NADAC trial in RI to meet up with Kris and two of her corgis and visit with other friends I don’t see that often now that I do not have a dog to trial. The trial was at an indoor soccer arena. The lighting is funny and it is loud. Irie was unflappable. She met loads of people and puppy-appropriate dogs.

The best meet and great was with a 4 year old Rotti whose owner had mentioned he loved puppies. I asked her if she would get him so we could introduce him to Irie. I want to be sure Irie is comfortable with all dogs, not just small dogs, or Cardigans, or name your generalization. When the Rotti, Lars, saw Irie he immediately lay down and waited for her to come visit him. His little nub wagged the entire time. He was so stinking appropriate! It was awesome. Irie was a little intimidated at first, but did go to investigate him. She was literally the same size as his head!

Saturday evening we had company that invited themselves over to see our new-to-them house and more importantly new puppy.

Sunday morning we attended Puppy K. Irie was very good. One of the things the class addresses is nail trimming and restraint. I had trimmed Irie’s nails the day before (and she was very good – even willing to eat some cheese while it was going on), so we practiced restraint.

We worked on a competition obedience sit (not moving the front feet, just tucking the rear), comfort being handled (Bug can be space sensitive so I want to desensitize Irie to that), and loose leash walking. Currently on leash Irie is usually either walking behind me or right beside me. I need to reinforce that often!

Sunday afternoon we had more company to meet the puppy and then I took Irie to visit with a friend who has a 2 year old Silky Terrier (in addition to poodles).

As I said, it has been a whirlwind! I do have some photos to share, but I haven’t downloaded them yet.

Oh! And hers ears are thinking about going up. She is starting to look like she has rollers at the base of her ears! I cannot wait until they go up. She will look even cuter!

Tonight Ike has class, so she will stay home with Bug and John. Thursday Performance Puppy starts!


Holly said...

What a great weekend you all had!

Diana said...

You guys ar busy. Sounds like an awesome puppy!