Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Everyone saw the chiro last night.

Both boys were very sore. Ike I am kind of surprised about, kind of not - in the last month he has crashed 3x in class and lost his pelvis (the 2nd time he crashed). I haven't made a vet appointment yet to have his eyes checked, but I am going to. Just to be safe. He was super tight on his left side which is incredibly unusual for him. He is the soundest dog ever.

Bug was out is stair position and in a sit. In a sit his right hip, which is radiographically better looking but overall much more painful (the vet suspects microfractures), visibly jumped with every adjustment. I wonder if that is part of the reason he has seemed a little down lately - that he is in pain. I know he is enjoying Irie's company, but thought he was depressed about less one-on-one time.

I also confirmed Bug is allergic to Cedarcide. I am bummed about that - it works so well!! I guess better to be allergic to Cedarcide than a protein. I bought the Cedarcide at the same time I bought some Bravo! pork. His eyes started weeping like mad - he constantly looked like he was crying. I was afraid he had developed an allergy to pork, which would stink.

Irie continues to hold her adjustments. Puppies totally bounce.

Today I am taking everyone to Dirty Dawg Wash for baths and to groom Ike. Should be a long day!!


Taryn said...

Both my guys had chiro last night too! Sore shoulders and first rib in both guys and Wilson is still working through his back injury. They both had cold laser so I will be interested to see how they act today. It usually helps alot!

Kathy said...

Baths for all sound like fun ;-)