Thursday, November 3, 2011

Good Girlie!

Irie is not the biggest fan of being held (doesn't seem to be atypical for a corgi, in my limited experience). We did her nails 2 Saturdays ago and she was pretty good. She ate her string cheese for about half the time, whined the other half. We missed last Saturday due to getting ready for the Nor'easter that actually *did* happen, so we did her nails again last night. Well, guess what?? Little missy could have cared less that I was trimming her nails. All she cared about was her string cheese! Hooray!!

I need to locate my dremel (or buy a new cheap version) because I would MUCH prefer to do her nails in that manner. Once I do I will run it while she is wolfing down her dinner so she starts to make a positive association with the noise before I actually use it on her piggies.

Since she is still not the hugest fan of being held when she could be romping with Bug, John and I are going to practice holding her and feeding her nightly. This way she also will not associate it with nail clipping (which she doesn't seem to mind anyway). I am also going to start brushing her every few days. Since we aren't sure what her coat is going to do she needs to be comfortable with being brushed (she should be anyway). I do not want to have to fight with her for the next 15 years when I can lay a good foundation now.


Ellen said...

Our little Stewie hates his nails trimmed. He curls up against my neck so he doesn't have to watch. I try to make it as relaxing as possible but the best I can do is be quick. I always give a treat afterwords and he is very happy with that!

Sounds like you have thought about the approach and best of luck that in time it all will go smoothly. As for be held. How about sitting on the floor with Irie next to you and start that way. Slowing building up the trust that she will let you roll her on her back for a tummy rub. Eventually maybe she will be willing to put her front legs on your lap and later she will accept more of the holding. Just a thought.

Joanna said...

Good for her and you! We do a lot of puppy massage here; puppies go on their backs in my lap and get belly rubs, ear rubs, paw massages, etc. They usually object the first time and then start to relax and get into it. Then you can add a few seconds of restraint and then big praise for handling it. I think cardis usually adore snuggles and laps but hugs and carrying offend their highly developed sense of order and dignity :).

Jules said...

Joanna, That's exactly it. I was actually going to edit my post after Ellen commented because I felt like I wasn't clear. She gladly climbs into my lap, ect. And actually she generally tolerates being carried somewhere fairly well, but hugging/or restraint is met with squirms, at the moment, unless string cheese is involved. We will keep working on it.