Sunday, November 27, 2011


On our way to the Cluster on Friday Katrin asked if I had put Irie on any agility equipment yet. Ummm, nope. We made plans to get together today and expose her to all the contacts and tunnels.

I had no fear that Irie would think it was anything but a fabulous game. We started with the teeter. Katrin's teeter has rubber contacts and Irie didn't hesitate at all to climb it. The first few times we controlled the tip for her, then we allowed her to control the tip.

Next up was the full height dogwalk. Missy scooted right on over it and got fed copious amounts in the contact. Same story in on the a-frame.

We scrunched the tunnel up and had her go through it straight, then with a slight curve, then a more exaggerated curve, finally in a "u" shape. She did have to do some problem solving with the "u" shape. She wasn't sure why she had to go through the tunnel at first since I was calling from right beside her.

She offered the a-frame a few more times and was very drawn to the teeter.

Irie also got to hear the leaf blower going in the front yard and gun shots from the gun club that is nearby.

We ended with a little play session between Irie and Uncle Niche (Katrin's Flat Coated Retriever).


Brenda said...

Good girl, Irie! Sounds like it was a fun and very successful day! She is so confident and smart. You are going to have so much fun with her and she will definitely keep you busy. :-)

Diana said...

Wow thats impressive!!

Kathy said...

GOOD GIRL, what a natural!!!