Sunday, November 20, 2011

No Crashes

I forgot to post after Ike's Tuesday night class. No crashes!! Hooray!! Ike enjoyed himself, there were some pretty serps to complete. His weaves looked nice, and I got to run Darcy (SS) again.

We are at a bit of a plateau at the moment. We are much more confident with our rear crosses and his contacts are looking much better.

Act-Up is having Amanda Shyne out in January for two days of workshops (4 in total). I signed up for her jumping skills workshop because I think Ike will really enjoy it (I took one with Carmen a few years ago and got a lot out of it). I wanted to sign up for Building Speed and Drive workshop, but I am not sure it is a workshop Ike will enjoy. It took me a super long time to teach him to tug and I accidentally ruined it last winter. So, putting him in a situation where play is very likely to be a large part of the workshop doesn't seem fair. I wish I could do it with Irie! I will probably audit it and perhaps sign up for something else with Ike.

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Ellen said...

It sure would be fun to watch poochies doing all this. Maybe where we will go for doggy school they will have classes like this.