Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tuesday Night Class

Ike and I had agility class last night. We missed last week due to the power outage and needing to move the small animals back home.

I think I need to make an appointment to have Ike's eyes checked. Last night he crashed a jump again, landing in the exact same position as the last two classes. This time I really feel it was due to my movement. It was the last jump of the course, it was set up fairly close to the mirror and I dipped down to toss a treat before he finished the jump. However, this is the THIRD time he's done this in 3 classes.

My gut says there is nothing going on with his eyes, but given Carmie's PRA, I feel like I would be remiss if I did not have his eyes checked. I did have him CERF'd 3 years ago when Carmie was diagnosed and nothing was wrong at that point. I will not bring him directly to the specialist, but to his regular vet. He has a couple of old man lumps I want her to check out anyway.

Other than the jump crashing it was a good class. We have three new students and their dogs in class and Ike was barkier than he has been in ages. I think it is due to the change in pack dynamics at home and the new students.He said it was too much change!!

I also got a chance to run Darcy, the Standard Schnauzer. That was a lot of fun. His legs are at least twice as long as Ike's so handling him is very different. There was a serpentine (jump, teeter, tire) that I handled all from one side, which felt good.


K-Koira said...

Good luck with the eye check. Sounds more like he might just not have enough jump respect right now though, instead of something being wrong. He could have realized that he can crash through the jumps, and now thinks its easier to just do that instead? (Thats totally what my dogs would do if they did agility...)

Ellen said...

Agility is all new to me. I am fascinated how fast and happy poochies are when I have seen them on a course.

Sounds like a wise idea to check the eyes. Hoping that all is well however and there is another reason for the crashes. Distraction?

Jules said...

Two of the crashes were def. linked to other items - wet grass on the first and my movement plus mirror on the most recent. It is probably just a funny coincidence. He's def. not a dog that would choose to crash jumps - he is much too cognizant of his personal space. But, since it is the 3rd time it's happened I want to get his eyes checked just to be sure.