Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cardi Claus Arrived!

Cardi Claus arrived last night from Grants Pass, OR. What a long trek!! Thank you Minnie, Zoe and Missy Bigelow of Spyrock Cardigans for a lovely package.

The dogs seemed to know the package was for them from the minute it was delivered bu the USPS. I had a VERY attentive audience as I opened it, including a rude Schnauzer and a rude Blue boy, who thought perhaps they should be opening it THEMSELVES, goshdarnit!

Treat and toys for the puppies and two adorable ornaments for me! This is my first b/w Cardigan ornament, which makes it special. I am also very touched that a Schnauzer ornament was included. We haven't got our tree up yet, so this should be the kick in the bum I need to get moving!

Below you can see Ike trying to sort out how he can get a hold of those treats, goshdarnit!

And here is Bug with his three favorite toys. He says real dogs love pink, and adamantly contests that toy might have been purchased with Irie in mind!

Unfortunately there is something wrong with my camera and it would not allow me to download the cutest pictures I took. Boo! I will try downloading them at work and see if that makes a difference.

Thank you Janet of Simple Things/Mockingbird Cardigan Welsh Corgis for organizing this event for the third year in a row. I am so happy to take part; it is a wonderful way to meet other Cardigan owners and bloggers. I don't know that any other breed does something so fun. We are a small community and it is a pleasure to be part of it.

Big thanks to our new friends, Minnie, Zoe, and Missy, for a lovely package. You are now at the top of the pups list, that's for sure!


Holly said...

The ornaments are lovely and what nice presents the dogs got!

Kathy said...

Very cool, that is FANTASTIC, and cardi claus arrived in PLENTY of time before Christmas, isnt that fun?

Spyrock Cardigans said...

So glad you all enjoyed it. We had lots fun planning your gifts. :)

Missy, Minnie, and Zoe.

Jules said...

We did, Missy! :) It was a lovely package to receive!!