Friday, January 27, 2012

Oh, Buggie Powers

Bug had PT last night. I expected it to be pretty unremarkable, instead my boy was quite ouchie. Gah!

His right hip, which is the one that looks better radiographically, is very tight and sore. He did not want to allow Julie R. to handle it. He is not putting his full weight on his right rear leg, even in the underwater treadmill. He was also out of alignment in the “stair” position. He does not seem to be able to hold this particular adjustment.

Julie immediately commented on the muscle atrophy in his rear that occurred with the odd weight loss after Hush left. I know now is the time to turn more firmly to homeopathy as all tests have come back normal, but he is still not 100%

I am going to schedule an appointment with a different acupuncturist who also does Reiki. This particular acupuncturist is known for being uncannily intuitive. I am very hopeful that she will pick up on something with Bug. Julie recently completed her Level 1 Reiki training and Bug was asking her to perform Reiki on him. He also sent her some healing energy and her hand, which had been bothering her all day, stopped hurting.

With his increased rations he is still only at 31 pounds (should be 32 – 33). Bowel movements are normal and appetite is healthy. Thank goodness he is at least in coat so I do not have people telling me how skinny he is constantly. He is getting a kong with peanut butter and Orijen kibble every day, plus raw, canned food and lots of treats. He is also getting both salmon oil and coconut oil. I am going to stop at Especially for Pets tomorrow. They carry Canine Caviar which has a canned Venison Tripe (good for digestion) and also canned Beaver. The canned Beaver is very calorie dense.

We skipped swimming and only did 15 minutes (vs. 17) in the underwater treadmill (at .5 mph versus 1.4 mph). After the treadmill we iced and used the cold laser on Bug’s hip.

I think it is time to reconsider the Adequan injections. A year ago when Dr. M recommended them Bug was very clear he did not want them. He still does not want them, but I don’t think he knows what he is talking about. They are reasonably priced and I think they are worth a shot. I know other peoples’ dogs that have benefited hugely from them.

Recently there were a few comments online about Cardigans <10 yo not showing clinical signs of HD. I was very frustrated to read those statements given my personal experience with Bug. And yes, I know Bug is just one dog, but I know other Cardigans who also show clinical signs at a younger age. Bug started showing signs at < 5 years old. Personally, I think people tend to not see the signs their dogs are hurting until they hit them over the head (if at all), and I am not talking about just Cardigan people, pet people, or performance people.

I have a blog post about the Amanda Shyne workshops last weekend to write, but I just haven’t had time. Hopefully I will do that this weekend. Ike and I had an awesome time and came away with some really helpful tips. And of course I have puppy posts! I also haven’t been commenting on many blog posts because I haven’t had a time to read many! Hopefully that is something I can catch up on this weekend, too.

If anyone has any tips for Bug I am all ears. I will hopefully have an appointment with both the acupuncturist and the CVH next week.


Holly said...

Urgh! I hope the Reiki helps. I saw it do amazing wonders for a GSD.

Jules said...

Thanks, Holly. This woman is supposed to be amazing, so my fingers are crossed it helps.

Taryn said...

I don't really have any words of advice, but I can share your frustration. Wilson has had soundness issues in his left front shoulder since before 1 year old. Nothing shows up on X-rays. One misstep chasing his tennis ball is all it takes to setting him limping for days...So I definitely can empathize....

A couple of supplements I have used with good results are Longevity by Springtime and Vibrant Pets Senior Complete (

Hope Bug feels better soon.

Red Dog Mom said...

Julie: If you do go the Adequan route, learn to give the shots yourself (it can be given subq) and get the Adequan from Drs. Foster & Smith - literally HALF the price the vet will charge. If you don't have to pay for the vet visit and can save on the med itself, it becomes very reasonable. I think I calculated that Sam's shots are about $8 each but he is considerably heavier than Bug.

Jules said...

Thanks, Taryn.

I will check out the vibrant pet; I am wondering if maybe I should consider a different supplement but do not want to do too much at once.

Thanks, Dina. I was going to message you if we decide to do it, I know you have been doing it with Sam for a while. Dr. M and Cathy are willing to teach me how to do the shots if it makes a difference for Bug and I believe (but I'll have to double-check) I will only be charged for the shot and not for a visit.

Kathy said...

That is so funny because I SWEAR Breeze likes the Adequain, she always seems relieved or at least perfectly fine with getting the shots she can be sensitive but I really get the feeling she is ok with them....I guess I am very lucky with that. Hummm I hope the new a cup. Will have some good ideas or some energy that will help. I wonder too about how much people notice or don't notice with the dysphasia ......I have often thought about that.... I can not wait to hear about Amanda I love the DVD I have of hers it gave me some great ideas

Ellen said...

I have no knowledge with this but do feel that your sharing with us what is going on may help someone else that might be in a similar situation. Hoping the Reiki helps too!