Friday, February 17, 2012

3 Weeks on Monday

Monday it will be 3 weeks since Bug came up lame on his right shoulder. He is MUCH better than he was, but he still has a very noticeable hitch in his step. My mind is boggled that this has been going on for 3 weeks!

I am only taking him on short walks and he is not allowed out in the backyard loose. When he feels good he tears around like a maniac and then his shoulder is then MUCH worse. Obvious cause and effect. I do not inhibit his indoor frapping. Maybe I should be stopping him from frapping, but he is not doing a ton. After he is dosed with the remedy the CVH recommended or after seeing the acupuncturist, when he feels good, is when the frapping happens.

He has been seeing the acupuncturist weekly, as well as the Physical Therapist. I have been doing moist heat at home with him. He has been really funny about the moist heat. Sometimes he is very good about it and other times he very clearly asks that I apply the moist heat on his other shoulder or his back versus his right shoulder. It is odd, but the acupuncturist has agreed I should listen to him.

On Tuesday the physical therapist and I could feel something clicking in his scapula, so he definitely needs to see the chiropractor. Unfortunately, she is away this week continuing her education. Darn her for having a life!

Corgis are such stoic beasts. Even though he is lame he will try and play with the puppy and run like a maniac if I do not prevent it. If the Schnauzer were hurt like this he probably would not even come out of his crate! I have always thought Buggie was very honest about pain. He doesn't pretend he is not in pain, but now I realize he doesn't care that he is in pain with a puppy-playmate.

It makes me think about the puppy and when she starts working. I will have to be hyper-alert because she is not a dog that has a ton of consideration for her body. She is what I would call "balls to the wall" in terms of physicality. I need to do some TTouch on her in hopes of making her more thoughtful about her body. I have done a bit of TTouch on her mouth because she loves to bark. When she arrives in a new situation her first response is to bark-bark-bark. Truthfully I am not even sure what it means other than she is SO excited and a bit over stimulated. Within minutes of arrival she starts working her tush off for me.

Hopefully Bug will continue to improve. I am just shocked by what slow going it is.


Taryn said...

If it's a soft-tissue injury, those seem to take forever to heal...and are so easy to aggravate again. Hope Bug improves soon!

Both my guys had chiro/accupuncture Tuesday night. (my vet had forgotten to bring her cold laser). Wilson was actually in better condition than Jimmy who had his sacrum out of whack. He had never had the needles before, and he did NOT like it. Every needle that went in, he tried to stop her hand. He never relaxed enough to get acu-stoned :-), but he did relent a little. Wilson definitely gets the buzz. The next morning both boys were frap-crazy in the yard, so I guess the accupuncture works as well as the cold laser.

Diana said...

Yea, Miley has tendinitis in her shoulder. 6 weeks of rest, then they released her. One week later the limp was back but only after she ran around the yard with Java. It was gone within an hour. So Now its 3 months rest. Ugh!!! Somethings take a long time to heal because dogs dont understand and wont take it easy. Diana

Sara said...

Oreo has had shoulder issues for about a month. Brought him in for chiro, and "pop" went his shoulder! He was do much better after that one tweak that she didn't even use the needles. Today is our last day of "rest"!

I've started putting a back on track jacket on him too. That seems to help a lot. Our chiro/acu Dr swears by them.

Hope Bug get some improvement soon too. It's so hard to be patient with these injuries, especially when your dog wants to play.

Sara said...
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Kathy said...

poor Bug hard for dog like that to handle the activitiy restrictions and gosh I hate to see any of my fur babies having trouble, I will sure be sending him lots of positive energy ;-)