Saturday, February 11, 2012

Too Much for One Post?

When I last posted (before the acu-stoned picture), Bug had just been to PT and was not putting his full weight on his right rear. Everyone was a bit concerned and we made an appointment with the new acupuncturist who also does Reiki.

Over that weekend I got some very bad personal news. By Monday morning Bug was completely lame on his right front, almost non-weight bearing. In the morning I gave him some arnica and he seemed to walk out of it. John went to the house at lunch time and called me to tell me Bug was moving very gingerly. I called Windhover and left work to take Bug to the vet. I was terrified it might be related to his back.

The verdict, Bug over did it over the weekend. Dogs carry 60% of their weight on their front, because his rear was hurting he was carrying even more weight on his front and hurt his shoulder. We went directly from the vet to physical therapy where Bug had moist heat applied, massage, ice, and cold laser.

Thursday he saw the new acupuncturist, and she is AMAZING. Bug LOVES Reiki; LOVES IT. I have never seen the acu-stoned response before, and we did a LOT of acupuncture when he hurt his hip. It's amazing. I actually made an appointment with this woman for myself to do some energy work on me because I feel like my energy is screwed up and it is responsible in part for why Bug is lame. He is incredibly attuned to me and he does not respond well to stress. I feel like the emotional pain he is picking up on is presenting itself physically.

Bug was greatly improved after the acupuncture, Reiki, Chiro, and cold laser, but he was still lame. We did the whole thing again this Thursday (with PT) and I am happy to say he actually looks pretty darn good this morning.

I am skipping Ike's agility class next Tuesday to bring him back to PT. Given how lame he has been I feel two weeks is too long to go without PT. I am not available on Thursday of this week because my best friend is coming up from DC to spend time with me over President's day weekend.

Due to how well Bug is responding to the Reiki I have decided to take a 2 day seminar with the acupuncturist's Reiki Master. Bug is a dog that needs a lot of maintenance for his hips. If I can treat him energetically myself, that would be fabulous boon, and Reiki is also all about self healing. That would be a fabulous boon for ME.

There is also stuff going on with the puppy, but that is another post and I am out of steam!


Jenn said...

hey can you email me who you are using for acupuncture and Reiki? And what/when is this 2 day seminar? I have my level one Reiki but I am sure that I am really out of balance as well since it has been years since I have used it.

Jules said...

Will do; they are also doing a Level 2 training.

Ellen said...

I do hope he will be improving steadily with the wonderful treatments you are giving hard to see them when they are hurting.

You might be following into a career you never imagined! My daughter did Reiki training (on people) but I don't know what level see went to.

Diana said...

Im so glad Bug is getting better!!