Saturday, July 14, 2007

A very nice e-list

When I submitted my membership info to CPE they sent me an e-mail asking if I wanted to join their Yahoo e-list. Boy, am I glad I did! People are so nice - if this is how they are at trials I am going to LOVE CPE trials.

Katie Brittan, the daughter of Karen Brittan (Britmor Schnauzers), e-mailed me off list about Schnauzers and welcomed me to the list. She also gave me a link to subscribe to a performance schnauzer list! Super!!

A woman I met in Katrin's Foundation class also e-mailed me off list and invited me to the Act-Up Agility Club BBQ and asked if I was interested in the ASCA/Act-up Trial in Seekonk. Why not?

AND, I have been chatting with a woman in Maine who has two black miniature Schnauzers. I can't wait to meet her in person. It seems like we will be hitting a lot of the same trials if things go according to plan.

This is just a little side note, the decision to actively start trialing with Ike is looking more and more like the best decision I have made. More doggie friends. Yippee!!

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Cat and Tessie said...

Hey you. :) I figured I would just give you a tag. This reminds me to link to you on my journal!

After perusing your past entries, it dawned on me that we should do a Borderland hike with the "agility dinner" group. There -is- a designated off-leash field there, but all of the trails are on-lead. And I know how you feel about meeting dogs on Flexis there... I've had to get between Tessie and the other dog on numerous occasions to prevent her from being horrified.