Thursday, April 29, 2010

Battlefield Tour Day 2

MA Memorial

Father Corby

Pennsylvania Memorial
(PA had 34,500 soldiers present during the battle.)
The bronze tablets at the base list the name of every Pennsylvania soldier who was present at the Gettysburg campaign. Each tablet represents a single regiment.

Where's John and Ike?

The battle of Gettysburg sprawled over 25 miles and the land is undeveloped. Monuments, memorials and markers are literally every where. I believe they number in the thousands.

Little Round Top and Devil's Den

That little speck down there (to your left on the opposite side of the road curve) is Devil's Den.

Devil's Den - named after a large snake they thought lived within the boulders.

Battlefield Tour Day 1

John and I did an auto audio tour of the Battlefield. At the Gettysburg Visitor Center and Museum you can purchase a variety of audio discs that will give you a tour of the Battlefield - depending upon how long you'd like to spend. We purchased the Gettysburg Field Guide ($21.99). Total disc time is 2.5 hours - that obviously does not include how long you stop!

This monument marks the location of Major General John F. Reynolds death. He was the highest ranking Union officer to be killed at Gettysburg (and it happened the 1st day of battle).

These pictures are of the Eternal Light Peace Memorial dedicated by FDR on the 75th anniversary of Gettysburg. This memorial overlooks the site of the July 1st battle.

Gotta love NPS and how dog friendly they are.

I don't think we have any really good pictures of the fences that
cover the battlefield, but the way they are designed is fascinating.

General James Longstreet (second in command to Gen Robert E. Lee during Gettysburg)

Louisiana Memorial

Texas Memorial (I grew up in Texas.)