Monday, November 3, 2008

Alternative to Lyme Seminar

Yesterday I attended a seminar called Alternative to Lyme hosted by the New England Terrier Club. The seminar was given by David Dalton of Delta Gardens who has developed a new protocol for treating Lyme disease in animals and people.

His protocol uses flower essences from the Teasel Flower and was developed after him, his wife, and his dog were all diagnosed with Lyme in the same year. The Teasel flower is known to be very attractive to deer, or deer nation as these herbalists say.

The initial part of the seminar covered how Dalton made an intuitive leap between the arrival of his Lyme, arrival of teasel in his garden, and the deer. Teasel has multiple blooms – it is intriguing the fashion in which it blooms. Dalton has made flower essences of each of the blooms.

He also gave a brief primer on flower essences for those who had not previously been exposed to them. In the instance of Lyme he explained how an animal or person might be stressed or have a very driven personality that allows them to be easily stressed and thereby lower their energy vibration to a level that is complimentary to the Lyme pathogen – thereby allowing Lyme to flare-up and thrive. What is needed is an essence that can change the active Lyme’s energy level allowing it to exist without be detrimental to the host.

Bach, the founder of flower essences as we know them, felt that specific personality traits attract specific illnesses. The dogs most susceptible to Lyme are:

Dogs trained/bred to guard
Show dogs
Working dogs
Over sensitive dogs
Dogs in type A families
Dogs in high stress families

Lyme is attracted to a “geared up” personality according to Dalton. Of course, I have to say, Ike is my chronic or lingering Lyme case and he fits the description to a “T.”

At the seminar we were taught a form of kinesiology and body dowsing which would enable us to choose the correct essences to treat both ourselves and our animals. This floored me – how generous to give students the skills to treat.

In the teasel set there are 13 essences. Dalton recommends treating every two days for 10 days and then repeated the process if your dog displays symptoms. Using body dowsing you select the essences your dog needs. You mix one drop of each essence with 1/8 of an ounce of water and give your dog two squirts of it. Then you lightly lay your hands on your dog’s upper-mid back for 10 to 15 minutes.

We used Ike as the demo dog prior to lunch and it was so strange. I felt a tingling on my palms, which Dalton said is not unusual – as the teasel is spiny and Lyme frequently creates chronic pain. You could see Ike trying to relax but unable to fully go off guard with the other people so close by. Dalton said that frequently dogs fall asleep during treatment. Ike was very relaxed immediately following the treatment. Since Lyme burrows deep into the nervous system and hides out, Dalton said it is not unusual to see symptoms briefly reappear in either your dog or yourself. He recommends doing a cleansing – particularly when you first begin treating other people and animals.

After Ike’s second treatment he snoozed in his crate No barking – on alert behavior. I have to say, although I am “into” the idea of homeopathy at a certain point my brain disconnects and says, “eh, too woo-woo to understand. If it works cool.” I felt like Dalton explained *why* certain essences work really well.

I am going to try the teasel treatment with Ike and Bug. I will let you’all know how it goes. Dalton also recommended I add Bach Aspen to Ike’s water. It helps to lessen unfounded fears.

In addition I am going to speak with Dr. Anne about whether Ike needs to go back on the thyroid supplement. I have noticed lately that he is much more reactive with people. I actually broke out the Gentle Leader on Friday he was being such a goober. My dilemma is that I feel like the GL inhibits his response – which is great in the sense that one doesn’t want their dog acting all reactive, but not so great in that it doesn’t deal with the underlying issue of Ike’s reactivity suddenly escalating. Somehow we backslid and I must assume it is partially through my neglect. Bummer.

John also took Bug to his first Canine Good Citizen class yesterday while I was at the seminar. Apparently they both survived!! Hooray! We need to get cracking on Loose Leash Walking, Stay, and some other basic skills.

Note: I forgot to mention that both the in-laws and John commented on how happy Ike seemed yesterday after the seminar.


Diana said...

what a nice husband you must have. Diana

Jules said...

He is a good guy and dog-dad!

Shelly said...

Yes, he is--We love him!!! He is actually my (reactive, doesn't warm up to people) dog's boyfriend. The first time she really met him she sat at his feet and you could see the hearts and butterflies floating out of her eyes when she looked at him!! LOL

Katrin said...

He and Bug did great at class on Sun!!! (if training wasn't your 'thing' I'd say get that guy's rear into class!)

Lee Harrington said...

I have been treating my dog with flower essences for a year and they are amazing. The Lyme was cured, and I give her holly and vine for dominance. SHe's an alpha female and very quick to 'put down' other females. The essences have curbed that. SHe's still an alpha...she just doens't need to make a big show of it.
I also treated her thyroid with homeopathy. An excellent method, low cost, and no side effects. It's not woo-woo at all :)
Lee Harrington
(I am new to this site, and the author of the bestselling memoir- Rex and the City: A Memoir of a WOman, a Man, and a Dysfunctional DOg