Friday, February 26, 2010

Sensitive Piggies and Supplements

Bug had a vet appointment last night. The primary reason is because the PT noticed he had some unusual wear on the pads of his front paws on the outer digits. The PT thought they looked like corns, but had only ever heard of that happening to Greyhounds. Once I googled and found out said corns become quite painful I decided to take Bug to the vet to find out what the wear marks are before they got any worse.

Turns out Bug has very soft feet and the 2 miles of daily sidewalk walking we do has abraded his pads! Phew! No wonder he has been licking them – they are sore.

The vet recommended I try one of the various gun dog foot tougheners that are out there. Alternately I could torture Bug and try to make him wear booties. Somehow I do not think that will fly! Pad toughener it is. I have some I will try and if that fails I am open to recommendations!

We also went over Bug’s supplements. Currently Bug gets:

Vetri-Science Canine Plus (multi-vitamin)
GlycoFlex II
Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Pet
Ligaplex II*
Culterelle (probiotic)
ABC Lyme Disease Supplement
Bug Off Garlic

*Duralactin and Ligaplex II are two new supplements I started Bug on about a week ago. Duralactin is supposed to help with chronic inflammation and joint health and Ligaplex II is supposed to help with connective tissue health. The PT and acupuncturist both said in their experience 50% of dogs respond to Duralactin with tremendous improvement and 50% show no sign you have added anything new. I am hoping Bug is in the first 50%.

Dr. M said if the Duralactin and Ligaplex do not help she has had good success with New Chapter's Zyflamend (it is supposed to promote a healthy inflammation response). I was just diagnosed with bursitis (inflammation of the bursa sac) in my foot. We did a cortisone shot and I have a follow-up appointment scheduled, but I think I might try the Zyflamend myself to see if it is helpful!

Dr. M thought Bug was on a good assortment of supplements. And I was HUGELY relieved the only issue was Bug has sensitive paws!


Sarah said...

gyp has sensitive - soft pads too, and i find the pad strengtheners work really well - i use a really waxy one. i know with her, sidewalk salt and even a lot of moisture makes it worse so i try to keep them dry but moist. she wore her boots quite a bit more this winter when there was salt on the roads and it seemed to really help.

glad Bug is doing well!! that is quite the assortment of supplements!!

Kathy said...

gosh I am so glad that sensitive pads was the will have to let us know how the pad tougheners work for you

John Heffernan said...

Hope Bug is back in action soon!

Nancy said...

I know folks who have used Tuff foot and had good luck with it. Also I used these on Stewie's foot to protect his toenail.

They are like a balloon, and Stewie didn't mind it, and they stayed on very well.

tokapuppy said...

I just found your blog today from a link on another dog training blog. I saw your top post and thought I saw a dog just like that at my bird vet last week. Then I scrolled down and saw this post. It turns out I actually saw Bug, and I live in the same town as you. Oddly enough I just finished that Karen Pryor book last night.

And I just went back to trying clicker training with my two dogs due to seeing you using one at the vet.

Talk about really strange coincidences.

Jules said...

Tokapuppy, That is so funny. You must have had the covered small cat or bird cage that Bug was too interested in?!

RTAM really inspired me to do more shaping. Such a great - and very readable - book.

Now I'll have to go check out your blog. What a small world!

tokapuppy said...

Yup, Max the cockatiel was there for an infected leg (she's fine now though.) I'm going to try to get her to spread her wings on cue with a clicker to.

If Karen Pryor can train a hermit crab to ring a bell I should be able to get my cockatiel to do something she already does but on cue.