Thursday, July 15, 2010


Tuesday night Ike and I had agility class. Unfortunately due to the rain it was held inside. I say unfortunately because the last two times we have run indoors during the summer it felt stuffy in there and Ike was sluggish. Not Tuesday night!

Both courses had a lot of flow and were enjoyable to run. I realize that with everything else going on in my life currently I have not been the most thoughtful handler with Ike. I need to be more conscientious about the choices I make while running him.

For example, there was a serpentine in the second course that was toward the end of the course. Rather than sticking a front cross in between the first two jumps, which I know for a fact will get Ike moving, I handled it from one side. I didn't even THINK about the front cross until Kathleen commented that it would get Ike going. I know this about Ike. I really do, but I didn't *think* to do it.

At another point Ike came flying out of a tunnel and I handled the weaves following the tunnel in a manner that would require a rear cross. I had no choice - Ike was moving. It's not how I would have chosen to handle it but due to Ike's speed it is how I needed to. I made a comment about how I wanted to do a FX and Kathleen basically said you aren't always going to have that option. I think I need to do a few privates and work on rear crosses because I am just not getting it done by myself.

Ike and I were a little disconnected by the end of the class.

Cheryl adjusted all three of us after class and Ike's pelvis was out. He has not lost his pelvis in some time, so that could have contributed to the disconnect. We need to video tape Ike when he is getting an adjustment. When he is out of alignment he does not stand straight - his spine visibly curves. When he is adjusted he visibly unwinds in moments. It is the coolest thing to watch. I have never seen it in another dog.

Bug has been holding his pelvis like a champ. His iliopsoas was a bit tight due to the weight, but better than when he was at full show weight (he has already lost 2#).

My current goal with Ike is to try to be more thoughtful and run less on autopilot.


Kathy said...

It is hard, especially when you are working on handling things, but you want to do what your dog needs, and there is so much to think about and factor in, and then sometimes you never know when it is time to push the envelope a little bit and try something new. I hate when it feels like I made the wrong choice with all those considerations and I end up feeling a little disconnected, but guess that is what makes you and Ike a good team-you recognized it right and way because you are used to feeling a great connection, lucky thing is it will probably be right back there next practice because that is how you both are used to running ;-).

Sam said...

I see you got the CH with Bug - I'm sorry I'm late, congrats!

I hate when I have a disconnected agility class. Between the heat, the course, and the individual dog, I think every one is having them lately. It sounds like you've reflected on a lot, so I think you'll have a better time next time.

Sara said...

The fact that Ike is flying out of tunnels and having a good time is the best news of all, even if you felt a bit disconnected in the end.