Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tuesday Night Class

Ike and I had agility class last night. Overall it went well. The course was more spacious and flowing then the courses have been recently. I think everyone enjoyed running it.

I made two handler gaffes. Once Ike was coming off the A-frame, turning over a jump to the left and then left again into the weave poles. I blind crossed him for NO reason other than ... I have no idea. To make it even weirder, it was the second time I ran the course and I didn't run it like that the first time! Ike was fine with it, but I was confused!

At another point I gave Ike poor info and he went to take the tire which was meant to be layered (although I wasn't handling it that way). We had a SUPER speedy run up until that point.... until I started to try and correct Ike when he went for the tire. I stopped myself and tossed a treat away from myself for him to chase, but I definitely stopped his momentum. He bounced back much quicker than he typically does but I wanted to hit myself over the head. Like I said, the only upside is I realized what I started to automatically do and threw some food. Ike does love to chase after food - it totally gets his prey drive going. When this happened the spacing was kind of tight and I was almost on top of Ike. I have been having him chase food through my legs and I wonder if it has increased his comfort level which enabled him to bounce back quicker.

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Kathy said...

You were feeling European that is why you blind crossed the Aframe-good for you, LOL!
you have trained yourself well grasshopper with the automatic throwing the food to chase, what a great way to not turn things into being unhappy ;-).
Sounds like a challenging class and sounds pretty successful if you ONLY made two mistakes, hehehehe, that is usually a good day for me. Bet there was a lot of great stuff in the class too!