Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Finally, Class! and an Update

We have missed three weeks of class: week 1 K was sick; week 2 I was sick; week 3 Bug had PT.

Last night, even though things are still topsy-turvy in my personal life, Ike and I went to class. When we pulled in and parked, Ike started crying in his crate. I almost didn’t go, so it made me happy he was so excited.

Class itself was a bit weird for me. I felt foggy and initially had a bit of trouble keeping the course clear in my mind. Ike didn’t mind though. He thoroughly enjoyed himself.

We were both EXHAUSTED when we got home.


Bug’s lameness seems to have finally improved. Thank doG! He is NOT appreciative of the restricted activity. There is still a very, very slight hitch and I am continuing to limit his pavement walking. He has acupuncture and PT on Thursday (and hopefully Chiro). I am hopeful the practitioners will feel the difference I am seeing.

Poor Ike. Due to the stress of the past 3 weeks, he has lost 2 pounds. For a 17 pound dog that is 10% of his body weight and it is concerning! I did not schedule a vet appointment. I am 100% convinced that the weight loss is related to the stress in our house; very much like Bug’s lameness is aggravated by the stress in the house. The only one to escape unscathed, KNOCK ON WOOD, is the puppy. She doesn’t realize I am stressed out!

I weighed everyone this morning and Ike is up a pound since the startling 2 pound weight loss. Bug is holding steady at 31, still a little below where I would like him; and I think the puppy is going through a growth spurt as she is ravenous!


Sara said...

Glad to hear that Bug is showing signs of improvement!

Holly said...

I am so glad that Bug is better and Ike had fun! I am sure the dogs do not mind more food. :-)

Kathy said...

I hope things are now on the upswing, but so glad Bug is improving and you got to go to class, after that long out I bet it tired you all out but felt good ;-).