Thursday, November 8, 2007

Good Manners Class # 4

So, I am a bit discouraged after tonight's class. I know this is the learning curve and it happens with most things. I just felt flustered tonight. The class is full of stereotypes - the attention-getter, the quiet couple, the clueless couple. Everyone is actually doing pretty well, it is just tough finding a balance between giving everyone enough attention and keeping the class moving. Denise swears that it gets easier with practice and as I am aware not every class is terrible or awesome, etc.

Ike Update

I posted about Ike's weight issue on my rawfed e-list. One suggestion, from Judy, is to try and switch him to a single feeding daily. She said she had one dog who absolutely thrived on that routine.'s a thought.

I have my appointment on Monday and plan on doing a wellness blood check, a full thyroid panel, and the C6 Lyme test. I also scheduled an appointment with Anne Crawshaw - the first available was for 11/28. I am going to have her test Ike to see if he might be allergic to the quail, or anything else I am feeding him, and also do a tune up. My feet were so sore after the trial, I can't imagine that Ike's little body isn't feeling it too.

It makes me think hard about indoor trials, but CPE is a really great venue for Ike. He can jump his preferred height, the course times are generous enough for him, the games compliment our relationship....and there are a lot of these trials through the winter. I think I will just have to see Dr. Anne more frequently and, of course, ask her if there is anything I can do to help lower the general impact on his body.

Long Term Goals

I think I feel confident enough in my relationship with Ike to say I would like to try and get our C-ATCH (CPE Championship) someday. Who knows if it will happen, but I think it is within the realm of possibility, and something worth shooting for and training for. It's scary to me to admit I have such a lofty goal, but there it is.

I am also thinking more seriously about exploring Rally-O. I need to look up the rules, or ask Marlene or Katrin, if there is "Stand for Examination" in it. That is the toughest thing in Obedience for Ike. If there is no "Stand for Examination," I could maybe explore Rally as a gateway to general Obedience. Just a thought....or rather just thinking in type.


Katrin said...

Cool goal! I like it! And I DO think it is possible!! Go for it!!!

Hey if goofy Randsom the cardigan can get his C-ATCH, the ever serious down to work Ike, can! :-)

On Rally, the judge NEVER touches your dog in any exercise at any level. There is a 'stand, walk around your dog' in Novice (I think, I know it is in Advanced, can't recall Novice). Where you stand your dog, tell him to stay, then walk around him back to heel position. But again, the judge doesn't touch him.

JULES & IKE said...

Ha! Ike IS very serious! I am really excited to have a somewhat tangible goal.

This is good news about Rally (for Ike!).

Marlene said...

Ike would love Rally. The rules are changing January 2008. You can go to the AKC site and review all the commands, present and future. I am looking forward to taking the sub novice obedience in conjungtion with the Rally O starting after Thanksgiving.