Sunday, November 18, 2007

A quiet weekend for the boy....

Yesterday Ike and I went over to Marlene's for a playgroup with Agility-for-Fun friends. Maria brought her small dog Coco and I was HOPING Ike would really like her. Instead it was a very low-key playgroup, with not that much playing. Even though Ike's favorite red dog Jazmine was there he wasn't doing much playing until the VERY end. He seriously thought about playing with Kody. Hooray!! Awesome!!! Did the planet fall off its axis? ;P

By the by, Kody is featured in a new Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue children's book created while he was a resident of the shelter!!! The book is called It's as Easy as ABC and a dog is featured for each letter (Kody = K). Check it out.... if you know any young'ns that need a holiday gift you might want to pick one up!

I almost forgot to mention that I met Cat's new Sheltie puppy, Strata. HE IS A DOLL. And Tessie seems to almost like him!!


Katrin said...

WOW!! I actually got that new book for Ena, as she is going to be a K-2nd grade teacher and I thought she'd like it! She loves goldens.

JULES & IKE said...

Too cool!!

Marlene said...

Thank you Julie for mentioning YGRR and you Katrin for purchasing a book!

YGRR is very special to me. They have allowed me to have 2 verrrry special friends, Sophie and Kody, whose original owners can't imagine what they are missing out on.

Katrin, you would really enjoy Kody. He is a handful and definately a work in progress but so intelligent. We'll be thinking about field and tracking in the spring.