Saturday, December 29, 2007

2008 Hopes

I have a jam-packed winter coming up, loads of classes and seminars.

Carmen will be taking Katrin's ABC class in January. I can't wait to see how that goes - she is much faster than Ike but with none of the precision. It will be interesting to see if and how she'll work with me.

My goal for Carmen in 2008 is to develop a nice working relationship and help build her confidence. My pie in the sky goal for her is to get her to a point where I would be comfortable entering her in a CPE trial. Level 1 CPE is so easy going, if our relationship develops, it might be do-able. To that end I will need to start bringing her to more places with me and getting her used to being crated.

I haven't decided if the two dogs in one crate is a good idea. Where they can both be nervous nellies I am afraid they will feed each others anxiety. I think a large crate in the car could work but would be a big no-no at a trial.

My goals for Ike in '08? More trials in general (NADAC & CPE). Better conditioning (more hikes!). I really want to work on distance with him. This is a huge challenge for us because of both of our personalities and our relationship's history - I was such a babysitter for so long. What I have learned with Ike is if I am patient and practice he's willing to do anything I ask. So, I need to develop a more concrete plan for working on distance with Ike. I also want to explore tracking with Ike - so find a class or seminar!

Personal 2008 goals, find the right Giant Schnauzer puppy for me!

Continue to work towards sitting for the CCPDT exam, to that end make a decision about the right program - get off the pot, Julie! (I am strongly leaning towards Susan Smith, Raising Canine course.)

Take as many seminars and classes as funds and time will allow.

Work on patience with people! Quicker reflexes!

My more immediate goals are to finish my table so I can keep practicing that behavior with both dogs. Get a second set of weaves so I can work 12 poles with Ike and in general firm up his weave performance and get a weave performance out of Carmen! Finish my Christmas books, Smart Trainers, Brilliant Dogs by Janet R. Lewis and Help for Your Fearful Dog by Nicole Wilde.

I am sure these goals will continue to evolve (I sure hope so!), but they are a good starting point and I don't think they are unrealistic.

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