Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tuesday Night Class – It was all about me!

Just kidding, but I am excited….wait for it…..

………. I was more consistent running Ike, right off the bat! I didn't need to be reminded! Hooray!!

After our first run (the course involved a couple of front crosses and a pinwheel), Katrin commented that I was pretty consistent where it usually takes me a few runs to remember to be more consistent. Yes. Perhaps it is FINALLY sinking in!

I remembered between jumps 2 and 3 to pace myself appropriately the boy. Ike says, “Thank the dog gods. She is finally getting it.” After our second run Katrin asked me to work on my front cross without Ike because she felt like it looked like I was going to break my knee or something else terrible. As we dissected the way I do a front cross we realized I add a second step rather than pivoting/stepping in one movement. Katrin likened it to a dressage horse doing a leg yield (stepping sideways).

I broke my leg in three places many years ago and have a titanium rod that runs from my knee to my ankle in my left leg. Katrin suggested that perhaps that is why I add the second step – that I am compensating – trying to make the movement feel better to me. Try as I might I had a VERY difficult time not doing the additional step. I tried stepping wider and Katrin said it did look better. It felt better in terms of my momentum/control, but it did hurt my knee/shin area. Apparently there is something to the rod theory. We tried it with the boy involved, and Katrin felt Ike appeared to like the cross better without my second step. I can understand why since I always feel herky-jerky.

Ike was a very good boy - he was happy to play all night long. A lot of times he will be happy and raring to go in the first half of the class and then be all done. Last night he was totally chill while Katrin and Ike worked on my mechanics. In the past this would have bothered him and I would have found him at the barn door! "Mum, can we leave now?"

Needless to say I will be working on my physical mechanics!


Blue said...

Yay! I think training yourself is harder than training your dog. :) Do you ever wear a knee brace? Maybe that would help with your second step.

ann & partner said...

Good for Ike and Julie!! I can't imagine the pain that broken knee must have caused!

manymuddypaws said...

Good for you Julie! And Blue may be on to something- have you considered a brace? I am supposed to wear one but I don't...But I know lots who do!
Might mentally make you not worry about it.

Cat, Tessie, & Strata said...

Since you mentioned in your last post you're interested in rally, there is a trial in NH in September that is offering an "Intro to Rally" class for dogs that have not earned a rally leg before. Basically its the Rally Novice class for ultra-beginners. Anyway, I'm planning on putting Strata in it and will pass the details on to you... the trial name escapes me at the moment.

Jules said...

I have never tried a knee brace, but I wonder if it might help. I'll look into it. Katrin also suggested that if I start forcing myself to use it in that manner i might build up the muscle.

And Cat, I would be very interested in the info!!

Diana said...

I know that people dont like blind crosses but in your case you might want to think about it. It puts no pressure on the knee area. Just a thought. Diana

Jules said...

Thanks, Diana. I have accidentally done blind crosses but not on purpose (yet).