Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Ike has absolutely figured out that spinning to the right is what I want. How exhilarating! Today I started adding the cue as Ike is very consistently offering the spin.

Then we worked a bit on spinning in either direction as the foundation for our rear cross – with no verbal cues.

Bug did much better with today’s shaping attempt. He is not a cheap date – he just isn’t very confident. Today I gave him a very high rate of reinforcement and I clicked lots of head turning. I actually got a spin from him a number of times. I would say I don’t think he knows that’s what he is being clicked for, but he did it about 5 times so I am unsure. All in all it was a much more successful (and quieter) shaping experience.


101mutts said...

Did either Bug or Ike know "spin" before? I tried it with Tom who does know spin and he sort of got it. I messed it up by not picking which direction to shape but he did two spins in a short session and they seemed intentional. Though probably more of an offered behavior than a shaped one. Not as hard as I thought.

Sam said...

Rear cross foundation work really makes the difference, IMO - so all of this work that you're doing is going to pay off when you've got nice rear crosses in your toolbox.

(Now, if only I was as good with fronts as I am with rear crosses!)

Jules said...

Hi Shaya, Nope I have never done spin with either dog. You know me, not a big trick trainer!

Sam, Isn't it funny how we have our strengths? I am MUCH more comfortable with FCs.

Jules said...

Oh, I should mention I didn't start the rear cross foundation work until last night and I am not shaping that or using any verbal cues.