Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Pupdate

Saturday and Sunday were both STUNNING! The temperature was in the upper 50’s – hooray! Spring has sprung (I hope). Saturday after my chiro appointment I took the boys for a short hike at the Bradley Estate. Given Bug is still not allowed to do anything too-too strenuous (especially now that we are seeing improvement!) it had to be a low-key walk. Bradley Estate qualifies - in general the trails are rolling with only one steep-ish incline.

You are allowed to have your dog off leash as long as they are within your sight and will come when called. Their signage specifically discourages people from allowing their dog to run off leash if they will charge another dog or human. I am always hyper vigilant about letting my boys of leash. I only do it if there is no one in sight and the amount of cars in the parking area is LOW. On Saturday, including my car, there were 3 cars and I spotted a group of people returning to one of the cars.

About a third of the way into the loop, both dogs off leash and Bug running about 50+ feet ahead of me, we spy a gentleman with a 3-wheeled baby stroller (about 100’ from Bug). Bug stops on high alert and commences intense staring. I call Ike and Bug to come. Ike comes flying and Bug remains frozen on high alert. Then the man starts to turn the baby carriage around (so he has the front wheel up and he is rotating the stroller) which looks VERY odd to a dog. Bug is fixated.

I continued to call “come” without moving, just crouching down, and suddenly my visually stimulated corgi comes flying thus earning a big “YAAAAYYY!!” and a handful of cheese. Go Bug!

This is a huge accomplishment for Bug. Often time novel sights blow his mind. How often to you see a 3-wheeled stroller in the woods? He really didn’t know what it was and yet he came. GOOD BOY. I am really proud of him. We continued our walk and both boys took well deserved naps in the afternoon!

Sunday another gorgeous day and I opted to torture the boys with baths at the Dirty Dawg Wash. Baths are also exhausting for them, but certainly not as fun. They were rewarded with a “family” walk – meaning all four of us. It’s funny, but you can tell they enjoy their walks more when John and I are walking them together.

Paws crossed this mild weather is supposed to continue all week!


Kathy said...

WOW, I am impressed Bug was a very good puppy! You have to be proud to have him come in the face of such a big distraction

Sara said...

Good job Bug!

tokapuppy said...

Isn't it so nice when they surprise you in a good way.