Monday, May 24, 2010


Bug went RWD again on Friday. Fortunately I entered him in the June Wrentham shows (15 minutes from my house); hopefully there will be a point available on one of the two days. Historically there has been. A friend of mine said perhaps the dog gods want me to see him finish in person. I hope so!

Bug was so happy when I picked him up in Maine he was pogo-sticking in the x-pen. Once Kerry got the leash on him and took him out he nearly bowled me over in his excitement. Silly boy.

We stayed at my mum's in Reading since I had already done so much driving. Bug was happy to spend the evening tearing around with one of his favorite girlfriends, Nellie. Then he had me up at 5:15 Saturday morning. YUCK! Crazy dog does not appreciate sleeping in.


Diana said...

Lol, my dogs dont sleep in either. 6am if Im lucky on the weekends. Ugh! Diana

penni said...

Hang in there -- sometimes that last point seems to take forever.

Dawn said...

I think Bug just wants you there! Maybe on the leash in the ring with him?

Kathy said...

that will be cool to have a trial really close that you get to see, I will keep my fingers crossed for you and Bug.