Sunday, May 2, 2010

Derby Day (yesterday of course)

Growing up, like many dog people, I was obsessed with horses. Prior to moving to Texas and owning two horses (my mum's condition for the move) I clearly remember that every wish I ever made was for a horse. Shooting star, birthday wish, as I fell asleep, the wish was always for a horse.

It stands to reason then that I would then be obsessed with the Kentucky Derby. The series of races that constitute the Triple Crown is just about the only time horses get any play in the media. Recently my mother made me take some items home from her house or she would toss them.

One of those items is a cigar box that I carefully covered with construction paper and wrote "Horses" on. Inside are clipping from the Kentucky Derbies that happened when I was in grade school along with CB's (we bred our Quarter Horse and CB, or Fantastic Cinnabar, was the foal born to our mare Taffy, Chucks Taffy Bar) first hoof clipping. It is so tiny.

Now Derby Day is even more important to me because it is the day we picked up Bug in NY to see if he would fit in. Hah! We knew by the time we were halfway home he was staying with us forever. I could easily forget Bug's birthday, but Derby Day will always be the day Bug came to be with us. As always, thank you Holly for allowing this great boy to join our family.

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