Thursday, November 11, 2010

What's Up?

Moving is a busy time. The boys have settled in. The humans have settled in – even though more than half of our possessions remain unpacked. The birds have settled in – too well. I discovered an egg yesterday. Please tell me how a house that is completely disrupted, colder, and darker equals a good time to start a clutch? The only thing I can think of is that DJ truly is bonded to Larry even though they act like they could care less about each other. During the move I had them in a cage together. That ended as soon as the egg appeared. I guess it is separate quarters forever.

Ike abhors the road we live on (Route 121). It has sidewalk, but the walks are fairly limited (take a right or a left) and the traffic is loud. He especially hates it when it is raining and the cars make more noise and he’s afraid he might get splashed (recall we got DRENCHED by a splash about a month ago during a downpour?). He has very clearly informed me that he thinks the new walks suck. They are boring.

I think his head is out of alignment since he is being so sensitive about the noise. We will all see the chiro on Tuesday. If the adjustment doesn’t help his noise sensitivity I am going to try a D.AP. calming collar. I use a D.A.P. diffuser in the bed room and it really does seem to help my dogs. I know it doesn’t help all dogs, but I notice a significant difference with my two.

On Sunday I attended an all day silent meditation class as part of the mindfulness program I am attending. It was very challenging. On the way home I stopped at Especially for Pets and bought a Nina Ottosson interactive dog toy, “Magic,” with the last of my birthday money.

I was very inspired after seeing Amanda’s post with her four dogs playing with the brick game. I asked Katrin if I could borrow her game, but was worried it might be too advanced to start my guys on since they have never played with one before.

“Magic” is a beginner interactive game. Ike figured it out in less than two minutes. Bug….well, Bug has yet to figure it out. ?? He is so incredibly frustrated by it. We will keep working on it – eventually he will get it. In the mean time I think Ike is ready to try his paw at “Dog Fighter.”

Bug and the “Magic” game reminded me very clearly of the first time I tried to do any shaping with Ike and how difficult it was for him. He stoically sat waiting for me to explain or tell him what I wanted. While Bug has done some shaping – and in fact most of his basic commands have been taught via shaping – when confused/thwarted/frustrated he downs. This is the first behavior I shaped with him and we use it a lot in herding. We have a lot of work to do there.

Bug was also a bit of a snot rocket the first time Ike and I played with the game. He was better subsequently, but it reminded me we need to work on our Crate Games.

Bug had PT on Tuesday and C said she thinks he is ready for herding! As soon as I confirm our weekend plans over the next few weeks I will be scheduling a lesson. I also need to get Ike back into agility classes but things are still a bit too crazy!

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Kathy said...

YEA for herding! Guess your birdies find your new home a good place to start a family! OOH dear! Glad it sounds like things are settling down and you are settling in!--Kathy