Thursday, June 9, 2011


The past two weeks have been crazy busy!

Ike has had two AWESOME agility classes. Two weeks ago we had multiple lovely rear crosses. Our practice is PAYING off!  This week we had a gorgeous serpentine I handled from one side with distance. John also came to this week’s class. It was so much fun for me to have him see fast and happy Ike! I am not sure he will come again, but I hope he does.

Last weekend we also had visitors! Holly came down on Saturday to stay over with her bitch Sabrina and her puppy Hush. Bug loved having Hush visit. He thought she was great fun to play with. Sabrina tried to get Buggie to play with her, but he didn’t trust her!  It was a lot of fun to have Holly visit and see my new corgi-friendly house. Saturday night Holly, Katrin and I visited the show grounds with Sabrina, Tom, and Hush and had a nice dinner.

And, gulp, I handled Hush at the Wrentham show on Sunday. Guess what? NO NERVES! I suspected my nerves were related to Bug, the discomfort I felt about having weight on him when I wanted to do other things, his turn-out, my inexperience, and I could go on! With Hush the number one goal was/is to have fun! She is not my dog so I am not itching to do other things or worried about her weight (well, that’s not 100% true – I wish dogs could be shown at working weight and be successful, but that is a tired subject!). Hush didn’t do anything in the Winners class, but she had a good time – we both had a good time – and that is what counts.

Bug and I want to dog nap her!

Last night I took Bug to John’s softball game. He was really good. The first time I took him he was a bit over stimulated by the men RUNNING and the ball FLYING! Last night he was very chill. I think I will keep bringing him on occasion; it is good exposure to sudden movements and little kids.

I am continuing to work on Bug finding heel and Ikey’s rear crosses. And of course, as the weather gets nicer and nicer I find more and more things to do outside at my new house!

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