Monday, July 4, 2011

Tired Puppies

This morning the dogs had me up at 4:30 and out of the house at 5:30. Hey! That sounds like a work day. As it turns out I managed to get a lot accomplished as a result. By 10 o'clock I had walked the dogs, had breakfast, done my checkbook, worked Bug on halts and heeling, and Ike on Switch.

Next up, taking Hush to the Wrentham Outlets to people watch! We saw lots of strollers, running children, moving kid rides, and women in hajibs. Hush could have cared less and made many friends.

After a short break at home we went to visit with my in-laws, followed by a walk after dinner for the pups.

Hush and Bug are currently sacked out. Hush is under the bed in the computer room/spare bedroom and Bug is flat out on the wood floor. I think it is probably safe to say they had a good 4th of July. I hope everyone else did too!


Taryn said...

I had a very nice/busy weekend/4th...but the poor dogs did not enjoy it one bit :-( Both boys are scared of fireworks and of course the kids in my neighborhood have been shooting them off for several days, culminating with real fireworks that my HOA provides. Jimmy was reduced to a puddle of nervous drool, and neither dog would go out to potty.

Jules said...

Poor Jimmy!! That's awful. Hopefully the fireworks are over for now!

Kathy said...

Tired/happy puppies are a good thing! Glad you had a good fourth!

Nat said...

I love waking up early! :)

Glad they had such a good day, happy 4th of July! :)