Friday, July 1, 2011

Tuesday Night Class

Ike and I made it to agility class on Tuesday. We missed last week because of a wake. To say Ike was happy about it is an understatement. He loves class and he definitely prefers when it is outdoors. He LOVES the big field.

I got some nice distance on some 270s and his running dog walk is looking awesome.

I am amazed by the speed he showed, even though it was humid and he needs to be groomed (therefor hotter for him).

I noticed both in this class and last class that I am naturally getting a lot more distance from him than I used to. I am not sure why, unless it is just practice, a lower level of anxiety about it from me, and practice! :)

Next week Bug has a PT/chiro appointment on Tuesday to try and get to the bottom of the tightness he is experiencing. Unfortunately the only day we could coordinate with both the PT and the chiro was Tuesday.

Kathleen kindly said I could come to the 8 o'clock class if I want. I am psyched because not only does it mean I will not lose the $ for the class, but it will be all new people and dogs for Ike. Translation - beloved location but stressful strangers. I am really curious how he does. I suspect he might be a bit more barky initially but that it won't impact his performance. We'll see if I am right!

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Diana said...

So glad Ike is loving agility!!