Friday, August 5, 2011

Bouncing Bug

Wow, Bug is amazing sometimes.

Saturday at his rally lesson he was very bug obsessed (this has been a *thing* lately). At one point he went after a bug, all four paws off the ground, twisted, and landed on his hip/side.


Drat, I hoped his pelvis wasn’t out – he has surprised me in the past. I did notice he was moving a bit mince-y and was slow on the stairs to the bed. When massaging him I noticed heat on his mid-back. This is a new development for me, feeling heat where the dog is hurting. It is a post in itself.

We saw the chiropractor last night and…..his pelvis was in!! AMAZING!! His pelvis was out on the stair position and he was seriously tight, but holy cow!

He held his pelvis in a stand.

I was deathly afraid he might have re-injured his iliopsoas. The fall and twist is very similar to what he did when he originally injured it. I will absolutely count my blessings!

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