Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Continuing Jazz Updates

I brought Jazz to meet Katrin last night. Typically she brings one of her dogs to agility on Tuesday and I wanted them to meet Jazz before sticking them into a small car together. Katrin decided to only bring Sky, the puppy, who travels by crate so Jazz couldn't bother her.

It was a bit nerve wracking for me. Jazz doesn't greet well. I had kind of noticed this before - almost every dog he's met while he's been with me, with the exception of Ike and the terrier/Brittany mix, has reacted by either removing themselves or snapping at him. If he stays, this will be something major to work on. Katrin's dogs are super so it didn't escalate, but Jazz didn't read their signals very well.

Katrin said that while he is about 2 years old physically, he is about 8 mos old mentally!

This morning when I was feeding the g-pigs Jazz was jumping up on the barricade. Three times I pushed him off and then rewarded him for sitting. He opted to sit and watch. That I can handle!

I am now able to lure him into a down on walks and different locations. Yay Jazz. If he stays I am going to need to pick up an American Sign Language book and do lots more research. I am tempted to work on Rally or Comp. Obedience with him if he stays; I don't want Ike to feel like he is being replaced. I remember Niche feeling like Monty was going to replace him.

It doesn't really matter, if he stays there is SO much basic work to be done before even thinking about that sort of training.

Katrin is coming over tonight to see how he is about the birds and g-pigs and that will be the deciding factor.


ann & partner said...

Please know my thoughts are with you and Jazz. All positive thoughts!!!

Cat and Tessie said...

Bear in mind you cannot compete in AKC with a deaf dog. However, USDAA, and I'm pretty sure all the other orgs, are disability friendly. And there's always CPDT obedience, etc.

He's a total sweetheart! Gives good kisses. :D

Katrin said...

Julie, you'd already made the decision, and I think it's the right one, I hope I was just able to reinforce that your gut feeling is probably going to be correct, and in this case I think it is. I don't think he's the dog you are looking for in any aspect of the sense. Yes he's a nice dog, but I really don't see the dog you have been telling me you want in him at this time. And, as I told you, I think he's probably got some level of H.D. (hip dyslpasia)

JULES & IKE said...

Yup, I posted this earlier today. Now I have to do a post about us not keeping him and hopefully fostering him for a bit.

John agrees that it doesn't make sense for us to keep him.

JULES & IKE said...

Thanks, Ann & Cat

Katrin said...

Glad John agrees. He was the one I was most worried about actually.